Top 65 Chiropractic Marketing Ideas


Updated: January 2021

I speak with thousands of doctors each year about chiropractic marketing.  Most offices are struggling to produce the number of new patients they want to have.  I created this list of 65 chiropractic marketing ideas to help inspire your creative juices.

Before starting Inception Online Marketing my wife and I averaged over 80 new patients per month.  There's nothing special about us, but we are focused and dedicated people.  I promise if you commit enough time to chiropractic marketing you will have success.

Per Month, We Averaged

80 New Patients

#65 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea


Make sure your chiropractic website is listed in all the top directories. You can check out your competitors using a program like Whitespark.

Check Out Whitespark

#64 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Use Great Titles

Make sure your chiropractic website has strong title tags. Captivating title tags will cause your website to stand out above the rest.

Read More About Marketing

#63 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a good way to build links to your website, but I would also read this article first from Matt Cutts at Google.

Read Complete Article

#62 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Powerful Pictures

For a higher response rate, use interesting pictures on your website and in your social media posts. Deposit Photos is a great site to find pictures for your posts.

Check Out Deposit Photos

#61 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Mobile Marketing

Make sure your chiropractic website displays well on mobile devices. You should really have a “Responsive Website” if you want to compete in today's market.

Read About Mobile Marketing

#60 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Animoto Office Tour

Take some great office pictures and put them together on a website called Animoto. You’ll have a very professional looking video at a very low cost.

Check Out Animoto

#59 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Create Office Video

Video is one of the best ways to show potential new patients who you are. Spend the money to have a great intro office video put together for your website.

Read More About Marketing

#58 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

FAQ Page

Put together a good frequently asked questions page. Try to answer all the questions that you are asked by patients on a regular basis about care.

Read More About Marketing

#57 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Build a Sitemap

Build a sitemap for your website so that Google can find all your pages with ease, which will give your pages more credit.

Create A Great Sitemap

#56 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Ezine Article Posts

Writing articles about chiropractic and posting them at Ezine articles or on your website can help boost traffic to your site.

Check Out Ezine Articles

#55 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Learn About Yelp

Yelp is a very powerful source of reviews, but beware of its dangers. Get a bad review and you will find it is almost impossible to fix.

Check Out Yelp

#54 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Write An Awesome Ad

Spend some time learning how to write great ads. I put together a video about how we did this in our office. Take a look at it here.

Read About Print Ads

#53 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Sponsor Local Groups

Sponsor local groups or allow meetings in your office. A great way to introduce people to your chiropractic office.

Find A Sponsor

#52 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea


Read chiropractic or health blogs and make insightful comments. Leave a comment on our chiropractic marketing blog.

Check Our Our Blog

#51 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Yahoo Confirmation

Confirm your business listing with Yahoo. You can visit Yahoo Business listings below.

Create A Yahoo Business Listing

#50 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Bing Confirmation

Confirm your business listing with Bing. You can visit Bing Webmaster Tools below.

Use Bing Webmaster Tools

#49 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Google Confirmation

Confirm your business listing with Google. Google My Business is a critical part of your overall listing.

Confirm Google Business Listing

#48 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Use Hootsuite

Cover all your social media pages with one post at Hootsuite. This is a great time saver that your staff can use to schedule multiple posts at a time.

Check Out Hootsuite

#47 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Create Email List

Create a list of emails that you can stay active with. Start with your current patients, but then branch out to new patients that visit your website.

How-To Create Email List

#46 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Specialty Website

If you have a specialty in your office such as weight loss, or functional medicine, consider having a stand-alone website built for that specialty.

See Example Sites

#45 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Off Site SEO

Work hard to build high quality links to your website. Read this article to learn how to do this correctly.

Use Internet Marketing

#44 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

On Site SEO

Make sure that every square inch of your website is optimized. This article will help you know what to look for.

Use Internet Marketing

#43 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Instructional Videos

Make YouTube videos for your patients. Give some free info away and watch what comes back to you.

Check Out Our Videos

#42 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Patient Testimonials

Video or written testimonials are one of the best ways to bring traffic to your site. Google loves YouTube and people love to see what others are saying.

See Our Case Studies

#41 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Social Websites

There are a tremendous number of social websites out there. Assign one of your staff members to the task of creating business profiles for you on them.

Do Social Media Marketing

#40 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Write an eBook

Even easier than writing a book is writing an eBook. You could even have someone write this for you. Present yourself as an expert in your field.

Get Started On An eBook

#39 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Write A Book

Being an author gives you instant credibility. Would you rather see the doctor in town that wrote a book or the one that didn’t? There are some great tools available to help you through the process.

Tips To Get Started With A Book
65 chiropractic marketing ideas SEO

#38 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Chamber of Commerce

Joining the chamber or other local groups can help you network. If you’re looking to do a lot of local talks and screenings, this is a great way to pave the road.

Join The Chamber

#37 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Marketing Calendar

Lay out all your marketing events on a visible calendar. Keep adding to it until you have multiple events going on each week. This was key to our success in our practice.

Create A Calendar

#36 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Weekly Newsletters

I’m not usually a fan of newsletters, but I recently came across someone that peaked my interest. Dr. Kennedy offers a what I feel is an outstanding newsletter service.


#35 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Google Webmaster Tools

Track the analytics of your website, as well as any problems that Google is reporting about your website. You don’t want to be flying blind.

Use Webmaster Tools

#34 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to see how much traffic you are bringing in. If you see a high volume but you don’t see conversions, then it’s time to make some changes.

Track Your Analytics

#33 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Pay-Per-Click Ads

Google Pay Per Click ads or Google Adwords ads has been working very well in 2019.  We have several clients that are generating over 15 new patients per month using this form of chiropractic marketing.

Try Online Advertising

#32 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Facebook Ads

If you are trying to grow your likes on your Facebook Business page, Facebook ads can be a great way. Facebook allows very tight controls so that you can target your ads to any demographic that you want to.

Facebook Ads for Chiropractic

#31 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

LinkedIn Marketing

Linked in can be a good place to network with local professionals and businesses. Use it correctly and you might be able to set up some talks for your office this way.

Check Out LinkedIn

#30 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is in the same category as Facebook and Twitter - important, but not a great place to grow your practice. Check out our Pinterest for great marketing tips!

Check Out Our Pinterest

#29 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Google+ Marketing

Google+ is the most important social media area for your chiropractic website. If you don’t know much about this entity give us a call and we can help you out.

Check Out Our Google+

#28 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is a great place to show patients who you are and to post testimonial videos. Check out our YouTube Channel for tons of great marketing information videos!

Check Out Our YouTube

#27 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Twitter Marketing

You need to have a business Twitter page setup as part of your social media presence. It can be difficult to get local people to follow you, but it can be done.

Check Out Our Twitter

#26 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Facebook Marketing

Traditional use of Facebook isn’t very promising, but using Facebook ads is a whole different story. Learn more about this and boost your new patients.

Check Out Our Facebook

#25 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Chiropractic Blogging

Add blogs to your site and you’ll see a boost in your website traffic. Google loves to see the additions to your site, and potential patients learn more about you.

Get Started Blogging

#24 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Referral Cards

Referral cards are a simple and easy way to have your staff help you with internal chiropractic marketing.

#23 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Guerrilla Marketing

Sometimes you have to hit the streets to get started. Read about the Guerrilla Marketing program we did and learn how you can boost your office results.

How To Hit The Streets

#22 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Health Screenings

Health screenings have always been one of the best forms of chiropractic marketing. Get a thermal scanner, a projector, and a screen and be the star of local events.

Do Chiro Health Screenings
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#21 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea


Groupon can work well, but beware of the crazy patients. I’ve met too many doctors that had crazy people come in and write bad reviews about them afterwards.

Check Out Groupon

#20 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

TV Advertising

General chiropractic TV ads don’t work well, but if you have a specialty in your office (like weight loss or neuropathy) they can produce great results.

How To Do TV Ads

#19 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea


Billboards don’t make sense for most chiropractic offices.  But if you have a large, profitable practice and the budget, billboard marketing might be a solution for you.

Is Billboard Marketing For You?

#18 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Newspaper Ads

Most newspaper ads don’t work, but they can be a huge success. Take a look at this page and learn how we were so successful in our practice with newspaper ads.

How To Do Print Ads

#17 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Monthly Profession

The monthly profession program is something that your staff can do. It’s not a huge new patient generator, but it’s a way to keep your business top of mind.

Try A Monthly Profession Program

#16 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Lunch and Learns

Call up your local businesses, bring them lunch, and give them something great to think about. This is an easy program if you are a decent speaker.

Learn At Lunch How-To

#15 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Dinner Lead Boxes

The most difficult part of dinner talks is generating the leads. Lead Boxes can be a great way to do this. Click here to see how our office did it.

Do A Dinner Talks Program

#14 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Outside Dinner Talks

External dinner talks can be difficult, but if done right can be the only marketing program you need. Watch our videos & build on what we started.

Try A Dinner Talks Program

#13 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Patient Dinner Talks

Bring a dozen of your best patients to dinner with their friends. Patient Dinner Talks can be a great way to bring more referrals into the office.

Do A Dinner Talks Program
65 chiropractic marketing ideas results

#12 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Kids Day

Having a kids day can be a lot of work, but if done properly it can also be a great way to reach out to the younger generation.

Find Out More About Chiropractic For Kids

#11 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Foot Scan Day

Orthotics can be important to a patients' well-being. Having a foot scan day is a great way to work with your current clients in an organized way.

Read More About Foot Scans

#10 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Lead Boxes

Place lead boxes in your community for a free service. Call the leads and talk to them about what you can do to help them. This is a great program for new doctors.

How To Generate Leads

#9 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

In-Office Massage

Find a great massage therapist and teach them what chiropractic care is all about. Massage therapy is an easy way to introduce new people to your office.

Massage Therapy Article

#8 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Water Massage

Water massage is a great incentive for potential new patients. Almost every promotion in our office involved the use of this relaxing service.

About Hydro Massage

#7 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Business Massage

Business massage was probably the best external marketing program we did. There’s no easier way to make contact with your local businesses.

Business Massage Program

#6 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Patient Appreciation

Patient Appreciation Days don’t have to be complicated. Make them simple, easy, and scheduled every 2 or 3 months. Follow our system for ease.

Show Patient Appreciation

The #1 Chiropractic Marketing Idea

#5 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Daily Ticks

Give your patients something to think about when they come to see you. An educated patient is a loyal patient and more likely to give a referral.

See More Ideas

#4 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Office Feel

Make sure your office is clean, warm, and inviting. The more comfortable your patients are the more motivated they will be to come back.

Get Design Inspiration

#3 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

White Board Topics

Adjusting room layout is critical. As patients waited, we had a white board in front of them with a new topic of the week for them to read about.

Generate Topic Ideas

#2 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Office Pamphlets

Office pamphlets can be a great way to teach patients about the conditions you help. Instead of putting a pile of pamphlets out for them, choose one topic each week.

Print Brochures

#1 - Chiropractic Marketing Idea

Chiropractic Website

Having a conversion-optimized website is the number one factor in generating new patients for your office. Check out our example sites and get started today!

See Example Sites
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