Business Massage Program


At Inception Chiropractic Websites we are constantly getting calls from doctors that need help with marketing.  They are looking for ideas on how they can build a more profitable practice.  In our years of practice my wife and I did a lot of different marketing programs, but we found that massage was always a great way to attract more clients.

The problem with most chiropractic marketing events is that they take too much of your time.  You can’t be everywhere at the same time.  Massage allows your office to have a presence in multiple areas without you actually having to be there.

The chiropractic business massage program is easy to do, and is probably one of the best ways to reach out to your community.  Whether you are a veteran of chiropractic practice or you’re just getting out of school, this program can be easily implemented in a short period of time.  As with any marketing program there are a few steps to the process.  Watch the videos below:

Introduction To The Massage Program

How To Work With A Massage Therapist

How To Manage Massage Event Setup

CLICK HERE to download one of our Business Massage Fliers

Bring about 15-20 of these fliers to the business that your having the event at, and ask if they can hang up them up around the office.  We would also bring the business a basket of fresh apples when we brought the fliers.  They always appreciated this, and it’s a very inexpensive treat!

Also, print this flier – black ink on a bright colored pieces of paper, or if you have the means, print a colored version for the event!

When our staff was at an event we had a coupon that they gave to individuals, but ONLY if they made an appointment.

CLICK HERE to download one of our Event Promotion Coupons

If someone was on the fence, and were not really sure about making an appointment, our staff would say “that’s fine here’s some information about the doctor”.  It still had an offer on it, but it was more expensive than what was being offered at the event.

**This is an actual testimony from our office, you need to make sure and write your own.  Also make sure you are aware of your state’s guidelines on testimonies in advertising!  We are not liable for any disciplinary actions.**

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