Chiropractic Dinner Talks Program


Some of the largest chiropractic offices in the world are masters at doing chiropractic dinner talks.  This program can be the answer to most of your new patient needs if done correctly.

The chiropractic dinner talk program is not a program for beginners.  It looks very simple on the outside, but the complexity of this event is quite high.  There are also many different ways to make this work, and you have to have the strength to make decisions about how you want to run this in your office.  In the videos you’ll find on this page I’ll go through how we did this in our office for over a year.  We averaged around 30 new patients each month doing this, and I would say it was one of the most difficult, but rewarding forms of marketing that we did.

This is not a program where you can do 75% of it correct, and still get good results.  It’s has to be close to 100% on nothing.  The steps you must master for success are below:

Dinner Talk Summary

Lead Generation For Dinners

CLICK HERE for a picture of the lead collector that we used to use to collect leads.  It’s called a Regi-Stand

CLICK HERE to purchase a Regi-Stand.

CLICK HERE to see an example of the poster that we would put into the lead collector mentioned above.

CLICK HERE to see an example of the registration form that we used with our lead collector shown above.

CLICK HERE to see an example of our Outdoor Lead Gathering Cards.

Calling To Set Up Dinner

Restaurant Information For Dinner Talks

Dinner Talk and Scheduling

CLICK HERE to see an example of our Lead Gathering Cards (they were printed on pastel yellow card stock).

Dinner Talk Final Thoughts

Your overview of chiropractic marketing.