Lead Generating Program


If you’ve gone through the lunch and learn program you’ll find that the chiropractic lead generating program is pretty similar but with a different twist.  This program is all about numbers of leads and having a good phone caller.  You’re going to want to get as many lead collectors out into the community as you can to generate the highest number of leads possible.  Shoot for 20 to 50 locations if you want to have success.

It’s really a numbers game.  If each of your boxes can generate 2 leads each week, you’ll have 40 to 100 leads to call for a free health check up or massage.  We used massage in just about every offer that we did in our office.  It’s a great way to introduce someone new to your practice.

As far as the massage you could use a real massage therapist or you could use a water massage table.  Either can be effective.

Remember that you don’t need to have hundreds of chiropractic marketing ideas.  You just need to have a few ideas that you focus on and do well.  Most doctors have boxes full of binders that they never use.  Do a small amount of marketing and you’ll be winning in most cities.

Overview Video

CLICK HERE for an example of the type of boxes we used.