Chiropractic Guerrilla Marketing


There are a lot of ways to market a chiropractic office, but sometimes you just need to hit the streets and take your message to the people.  The chiropractic guerrilla marketing program can be an amazing tool.  This is a fairly simple program to implement, but it takes some guts to pull off.  When done correctly this program can produce a large steady supply of new chiropractic patients.

Growing a huge chiropractic practice is never done through one amazing marketing program.  The big offices are doing pretty well at a lot of different programs.  Think about what you are doing for marketing right now.  Most chiropractors I talk to are lucky to be doing one program.  Just think about what would happen if you were consistently doing five?  If each program can produce even a small number of patients it would make a great difference in your new patient numbers.

Put your fear aside and ignite your passion.  Watch how many people start to follow you when you start to lead them.  Be different, and you will reach your goals.