Chiropractic TV Ads

Last Updated: May 17, 2019

Not many chiropractors try television ads as a part of their chiropractic marketing plan.  They can be very expensive, and often do not work well.  I’ve had quite a bit of experience in this area.  I’ll do my best to explain what to do, and what not to do.

If you are strictly a chiropractic office, and you are thinking about running 30 second TV ads, I would save your money.  I know there are TV reps that will come in and tell you that it can’t fail, but I promise that it will fail.  You may get a bit of branding out of doing 30 second ads, but it’s not long enough for people to take action.

Where I have seen TV work is in longer 90 second and 120 second commercials.  I’m not sure that this format would work for chiropractic, but it can be very effective for things like weight loss, functional medicine, or physical medicine.

The key to this working seems to be that the commercials are shot in an interview style format.  Something like one or two doctors being asked questions by a host.  In this type of format we saw a great deal of success.

The Cost of TV

In order to have a high quality 90 second commercial done, you’re looking at having a cost of $5000 or more.  Once you have the commercial done, you also have to spend money on the ads you’re running.  You’ll want to place your spots around specific shows that fit your demographic.  There will be a fair amount of trial and error here, so you need to have enough money to weather the storm.

The great majority of chiropractic offices should not be using TV as an advertising venue.  You should never sign up for the monthly programs that most local stations offer.  If you’re a powerhouse marketer, and you have enough money to support it, television can be a great asset.

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