Chiropractic Patient Appreciation Day


There are many ways to do a chiropractic patient appreciation day in your office.  I know when we started our practice we thought that we had to put on a big show, and that we had to spend a lot of money on the event.  We were wrong.  What we really needed was a streamlined easy process that our staff could do for us bi-monthly.

One thing we realized after about 2 years in practice is that internal marketing does not have to be a big event.  Simply reminding your current patients about helping others is enough to bring in a large number of new patients each month.

The video below will walk you through what we did to reach out to at least 15 to 20 new patients with this event.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD an example of a Patient Appreciation Day Flyer used in our office

Hang up this flier everywhere in the office two weeks before your event.  Bathrooms, waiting room, front desk, adjusting rooms, changing rooms, therapy, exam room – you get the idea!  You should also have a copy (with your address and phone number) to hand out to patients.

You can print this flyer – black ink on a bright colored pieces of paper – or if you have the means – print a colored version for the event!

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