Blood Pressure Screenings for Chiropractic Marketing


If you’re starting a new practice or you’re struggling in practice, marketing can be difficult.  When you don’t have any money to spend on marketing how are you supposed to pay for marketing?  The answer is that you have to find chiropractic marketing programs that don’t require money.

I came across this idea while reading a blog post years ago on Dr. Matthew Loop’s website.  I like this program because it’s easy, any chiropractor can do it, and it costs little to no money.

The idea behind this program is that you walk door to door offering businesses a free blood pressure screening.  While doing the screening you have employees fill out a symptom survey.  The survey will help you to develop talking points as you do the screening.

This is not a program that I have done personally, but from what Dr. Loop has said it seems to have been successful for him.  I think it’s a perfect program for a new start-up office, or an office that is struggling financially.  Let go of your fear and go for it.  The people out there need you.

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