Radio Shows for Chiropractic Marketing


If you have an aggressive chiropractic marketing office then you may want to consider doing radio shows.  Some local stations have very loyal talk show listeners, and when they hear you each week it can turn into a great source of new patients.  You’re generally looking at AM radio here, but it depends on the city.

When we did our radio show in De Pere it had a cost of about $1500 per month.  We did a 45 minute show on Saturday morning each week, and we did see some patient flow from it.  While it did produce an ROI it came with some drawbacks.

The main drawback was that we were stuck every weekend doing the show.  At 7 am, every Saturday morning, we were driving across town to get to the station.  I know that some shows can be done off site at this point, but you’re still responsible every week for content.

I’m not sure that I would recommend this item for chiropractic marketing.  I think there are more effective ways to do your marketing that require less of your personal time.