Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing

Last Updated: June 17, 2019

It seems today that almost every doctor is looking for help with chiropractic personal injury marketing.  If you practice in a city of any size there are thousands of patients each year that need your help, but how do you reach them.  In this article I’m going to break down everything I know about this topic.  In this article I’m going to discuss five areas that I feel are important to explore.

Online Personal Injury Marketing

As the internet becomes more and more a part of our daily lives, online chiropractic personal injury marketing is also becoming more effective.  Having a website that ranks well for terms like whiplash and car accidents can lead to multiple new patients each month.  It’s very possible to establish yourself as the go to area expert if you put the time in.

At Inception each of our chiropractic websites comes standard with an extensive auto injury section.  We expect our clients to rank number one for all the related auto injury terms.  In this way our already profitable sites are able to go above and beyond for you.

Personal Injury Attorney Relationships

Forming relationships with personal injury attorneys has always been a good way to boost the cases in your office.  The problem for a new doctor is that it can be very difficult to break into the referral system that’s been set by more established doctors in town.  Most chiropractors feel defeated before they even start.

As with any form of marketing it’s important to be consistent and to separate yourself from the pack.  One of the ways to do this that we found effective in our practice was to attend Dr. Author Croft’s courses.  He helped us to significantly boost our knowledge of how to deal with personal injury cases in the areas of:

  • Initial Patient Exam
  • Treatment Recommendations
  • Progress Evaluations
  • Daily Notes
  • Final Report Writing
  • Deposition Training

When we sat down with attorneys and explained our extensive knowledge in this are we found that they were much more interested in working with us.  They were thrilled with our detailed reports, and we started to generate a few referrals.

The other part of this equation is continually working your relationships there.  Some of the more successful doctors that I know have chiropractic marketing assistants that are regularly visiting the attorneys in town.  They make sure that they are at the top of the list when a provider discussion is happening.

Building a Relationship with Local Hospitals

One thing that many chiropractors don’t realize is that a number of medical doctors prefer not to see auto injury cases.  They often refer patients out and if you setup your practice correctly you might find yourself on that list.  It’s important to know here that you will probably need to have a more integrated model of practice to be successful here.  Most MD’s are not comfortable with sending a patient to a chiropractic office alone.  If you can model yourself as an integrated medical and chiropractic office you can certainly work at achieving success here.

Insurance Agent Relationships

One of the most overlooked ideas for personal injury marketing is forming relationships with insurance agents.  Many car accident victims end up consulting with their insurance agent about what they should do for help.  Establishing a referral system with them can significantly boost the number of patients headed to your office.

I hope this article has given you some insight into how you can grow your chiropractic personal injury practice.