Chiropractic Weight Loss


One of the highest volume new patient sources that I see happening today in chiropractic offices involves various forms of weight loss.  There are a large number of people in every community that are looking lose weight.  When implemented correctly, weight loss can explode your practice.

There are a few different weight loss program out there today.  Each has its merits, but at this moment there is one stand out program.  I’ll do my best in this article to describe a few of the common programs that I see offices implementing.


Nutrimost is the new kid on the block.  A number of our clients are in this program, and it has been very successful for many of them.  The space and staff needs are low so you can focus your money on the marketing of the program.  There are a few problems with Nutrimost that have been creeping up.  The initial start-up cost is quite high.  I believe there are also additional costs to protect your zip codes, and there is a franchise agreement in place that commits you to five years.  If the group running this program can clean up a few things I believe they would have even better success.

Weight loss can be explosive way to grow your practice.  What’s even better is that many weight loss patients will also come to your for chiropractic services.  It can be a great way to improve the health of your community, and a great way to add to your office.

Ideal Protein

I’m not sure when Ideal Protein started, but we have had clients in the program over the last couple of years.  The program seems to be very low cost to the doctor, does not require extensive additional equipment, and works very well for current patients.

Ideal protein seems to be a great program for an office that is looking to add a little extra revenue in without disturbing their practice.  It does not require a lot of external marketing, and the cost of patients entering the program is fairly low.

The downside of Ideal Protein is probably only that it is not a home run hitter.  It does not seem to be a program that is going to produce high levels of monthly income to a practice.  I’m sure there are some exceptions to this, but if you are looking to hit record numbers this is probably not the program for you.

The Singleton’s Weight Loss Program

Four or five years ago my wife and I went through the Singleton’s program.  They are very nice people and did a great job showing us how they ran their weight loss system.  I felt that they gave us pretty much all the advice we needed, and the cost of working with them was very reasonable.

Our weight loss program took off very quickly.  I created my own print ads, and the response we got was tremendous.  We scheduled 200 people from our first ad that we put out.

The drawback of this program is that it required us to add on extra space and a few extra employees.  Now if we had kept it small I suppose we could have squeezed it in, but on a busy scale we had to have two or three employees and 1000 sq ft of extra space.

As the hype wore off, and our numbers came down, the overhead of the program became a problem.  It was difficult to make a good profit with the added overhead we took on.  The results were good, and the program is well thought out, but the overhead is an issue when you scale up.