Personal Notes


We live in a day and age where almost nothing is personalized.  As companies strive for larger and larger profits they continue to automate as many processes as possible.  Getting a personal hand written message from someone can be shocking experience.

One of my early coaches in chiropractic marketing forced us to spend time every day writing personal notes to patients or people we met in the public.  I got to see how powerful it can be, and it’s a big part of the success we have had over the years.

In our chiropractic practice we had our front desk staff work on personal notes every day.  They would go though the list of patients we hadn’t seen in a while and write up a personal note to them.  The notes were on small cards that we then placed in an envelope.

On the cards our staff would write something like this, “Hi Sue…Dr. Aimee wanted me to write you a note today to check up on you.  Please give us a call if there is anything we can do for you.”

This was a great process to work on patient reactivation’s.  It’s certainly not going to supply you with all your new patient needs, but it’s good enough to create a trickle.  There’s a reason that we were able to average 80 new patients per month.  All the little things add up to produce some amazing results.