Chiropractic Marketing With Billboards

Last Updated: May 17, 2019

In the years that I practiced I had the chance to work with some amazing marketers.  Offices that saw 1500 and 2000 visits per week.  Those experiences exposed me to so many different forms of chiropractic marketing, and helped me to make much better decisions when my wife and I opened our own practice.

One of the things that I came across in my early years were billboards.  I’ve had a chance to see a number of different chiropractors try billboards in their marketing efforts.  Most of those offices were profitable seasoned practices, but a few of them were new start-ups.  This article will give you some of my opinions on this area of chiropractic marketing.

Chiropractic Marketing is Scary

I’ve worked on marketing with chiropractors for a long time.  One of the biggest problems I have to overcome with most of them is their fear.  Fear of talking in front of people and fear of sales.  Let’s face it, almost everything we do on a daily basis revolves around selling.  If you’re not selling a physical product you’re trying to convince someone to agree with you.  It’s all selling in some form of the other.

The scariest marketing events are almost always the most beneficial, but as doctors we are always looking for something we can spend money on so that we don’t have to go out and do the tough stuff.  Billboards fit in perfectly as something we can spend money on and not have to face any rejection.  We hope that if we throw some information up on a billboard people will show up and that allows us to justify the huge cost of the service.

The reality is that I haven’t met a chiropractor yet that has had long term success with billboards.  The cost is way too high, the number of patients that come in from it is way too low, and there are much better things to put money into.  I’ve seen activities like this and TV commercials almost put young chiropractors right out of business.

My advice on this topic is to take a look at my “Chiropractic Marketing 101” article.  Find some lower cost programs in there that you can implement in your office.  If you’re going to be successful it’s not going to happen for you.  You have to take the reins and push it forward on your own.  You’ll feel more successful that way and you’ll save money.

By Mike Hamilton

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