Chiropractic SEO

Chiropractic SEO


Chiropractic SEO or search engine optimization is something that you hear a lot, but few people know much about. SEO is an ever changing landscape, but a strong understanding is necessary to have the online results that our clients expect. I consider myself to be an expert in this area, and in this article I’ll try to shed some light on what SEO is all about.

The Two Major Components of SEO

The first component of SEO is on page optimization. On page optimization means that your website has been built in a way that it clearly shows Google, and other search engines, what you are trying to talk about. The majority of websites today fail this test.

Here’s an example: Let’s say that you created a page about back pain on your website, and you want your page to show up when people in your city search for back pain. In order for this to happen a number of things have to be in place.

Meta Data

Every website contains meta data on each page. This meta data is like a summary of what your page is about. Google and other search engines use this meta data to help them quickly decide if your page should be considered to rank when a search is entered online.

Let’s say that you live in the city of Chicago, IL. Your back pain page meta data needs to contain the words “Chicago” and “Back Pain”. Back pain alone will have you competing against the entire world, when you really only want to rank in the city of Chicago.

Meta data consists of Title Tags, Descriptions, and Keywords. A well designed website will have clear meta information on each and every page that fits the content of that page.

Page Content

In addition to having the correct meta information you also have to have page content that matches it. The words your write in your content need to be congruent with the title of the page, as well as the description, and keywords. If everything flows together you have a great chance of reaching the top of the results.

Page Length

The page length also plays a factor in your ability to rank for certain search terms. You should ideally have pages that are longer than 400 words, but I would say the longer the better. Write high quality content that contains lots of content that should include pictures as well as videos and other interesting features.

The Second Component of SEO

The second major component of SEO is off page optimization. Off page optimization means that you are getting votes from other websites online. So how do you get a vote?

At some point you’ve been on a website and clicked a link that took you off that site to another website. A link like that is called a backlink, and having high quality backlinks pointing to your website will have an impact on the rank of your website and your internal pages.

There are many different places that you can get back-links from. Having your website listed in certain directories online will help you to get some backlinks, and websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter also allow you to build links to pages in your site.

Some links are more powerful than others, and some are safer than others. If Google sees that you are building links to your site from low quality neighborhoods they can filter your website out of the search results. Today it’s very important to make sure your back-link profile is high quality.

How Do I Master SEO?

It’s very difficult to master SEO as a chiropractor. You simply don’t have the time to invest thousands of hours to keep up with the monster that it is. When you work with us at Inception Websites you can rest assured that you are working with the best of the best. We do all the hard work for you so that you can focus on living the life that you should be as a chiropractor.

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