Chiropractic Video Marketing 101

Last Updated: June 17, 2019

More and more doctors today are using video as a part of their chiropractic marketing to attract new patients.  In my opinion it’s one of the best ways to reach out to the public, but I also know that many doctors struggle with how to make it all work.  They have questions about the subject matter to use as well as the equipment.  In this article I’m going to walk you through what I think you can do to maximize this valuable chiropractic marketing source.

When you get into video marketing you will realize that there are hundreds of topics that you can offer valuable information on.  You can make short educational videos about all the symptoms that you can help in your office or you can shoot unlimited testimonial videos.  You might also make a series of videos about a topic that you are passionate about.  The possibilities are almost endless.

What is the Value of Video Marketing for Chiropractors?

If you’re wondering what the value of video marketing is all you have to do is look at your web presence from the eyes of a potential new patient.  When you’re trying to learn about a new service would you rather read a page of text or watch a video?  99 out of 100 people would rather watch a video.

Not only do they get the information they are looking for faster, but they also get to meet the doctor they will be working with.  Video allows you to form a relationship with the patient before they meet you.  You immediately have more trust from that patient when they walk into your office for the first time.

How do you Shoot High Quality Chiropractic Videos?

Shooting high quality chiropractic videos is as easy as getting a cheap HD flip camera from your local electronics store.  They give you great picture quality for $200 to $300.  Make sure to have plenty of extra lighting and you’ll be surprised and how good your videos look.

The picture quality is important, but sound is even more important.  Potential patients will put up with a picture that is ok, but they will not listen to a video that sounds scratchy or is too quite.  You can pick up a very good lavalier microphone for $25 or less.  The Audio-Technica lavalier microphone at this price point is my favorite.

Where do I Post my Videos?

There are a number of websites that allow you to post your videos online.  YouTube is certainly the biggest, but companies like Vimeo are also good.  You want to make sure when you post your video that you put titles and descriptions in that link back to your main website.   YouTube videos optimize very well so you will have a good chance of having your video show up in your local search results.  The more presence you have online the more opportunities you will have to connect with patients.

It’s also important to post your videos on your website.  This is possible to do on just about any website, but you will need to work with your webmaster on it.  This is built into our program at Inception Chiropractic Websites, but if you work with a different company they should be able to help you with it as well.

The doctors that put some effort into video marketing today are the doctors that will have the most success in the future.  Schedule time in your office each week to accomplish this task and you’ll see great rewards.

By Mike Hamilton

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