Chiropractic Websites – Driving Patients Away?

Last Updated: June 17, 2019

In today’s world it’s no surprise that we must have a chiropractic website. When it comes to chiropractic websites one must consider the patient’s point of view.  Most of the websites out there are from the doctor’s point of view and are doomed right from the start.

Patients are looking for a chiropractor because they are in pain or something about their body is not working right. So, is their first thought how smart is the doctor? Or how much information can I learn about chiropractic care? No, they want to find a chiropractor that they can trust and feel comfortable sharing personal issues with. Your chiropractic website should be sending a loud and clear message, “We understand your pain and trust us, we can help!”  A great place to learn more about what your website should contain is by reading this comprehensive article: Chiropractic Websites 101.

Is Your Website All About You?

Having information about the doctors in a chiropractic office and an explanation about the style of chiropractic care you practice is important. It just shouldn’t be the focus of your website, or you will find that potential patients coming from your website are few and far between.  Instead, focus on a chiropractic website that encourages a potential patient to take action, and you will see an increase in the online patients that walk into your office.

You should also give consideration to the in-office experience when creating a chiropractic website. Are there forms that can be put on the website that will cut down on new patient paperwork? Sharing how a typical new patient exam will go, will reduce any anxiety new patients might be feeling.  Having a map with your location marked will make it much easier for new patients to understand your location so they will arrive on time. Your chiropractic website should be a tool for you as well as your new patient.

Patient testimonials are a must for chiropractic websites; it’s the best way to build trust with new patients. Most new patients have heard a horror story or two about chiropractic care, so it’s critical to show how you are different. Having some great patient testimonials on your website is almost as powerful as having that patient refer that person to you.

The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time, energy, and possibly money creating a website that could be driving potential patients away from your office.  Inception makes sure our clients never fall victim to these pitfalls and maximizes their online presence.

Here's an article I wrote about all the major chiropractic website companies out there.

By Mike Hamilton

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