Facebook for Chiropractors

Facebook for chiropractors

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

In the past few years Facebook has sprung up in the chiropractic profession. There is a lot of hype and buzz going around about how chiropractic Facebook Ads are the silver bullet in chiropractic marketing. Facebook Ads can work really well, but it can be tough as a chiropractor. I will try my best to breakdown what has been done in the past, and what can be done on Facebook going forward into 2019.

If you are interested in Facebook Ads specifically, and what you can do, I recommend checking out the link below. We give you a full guide, for free, on how to run Facebook Ads as a chiropractor. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, we are happy to help.



What have been the trends for Chiropractic Facebook Ads?

If you were to talk a look at the Facebook Ads in almost any city that is out there you will most likely see a chiropractic office running an ad. The go-to ad for most offices has been what is called a discount deal ad.

This will be something along the lines of “$19 New Patient Special” or any low-dollar amount. This strategy has worked really well on getting new patients to contact the office and come in for the special. But, the main problem with it is the quality of the patient. Most of the time the patient will come in for one visit because they have a coupon, and then will never come back into the office.

This can be difficult for many offices because they will not ever break even on running the ads, because the office doesn’t make money off of a $19 adjustment.

Another thing that tends to happen with discount deal ads is once one office in a city starts, the other offices will join in. But, instead of them doing the same offer, they will do it at $5 cheaper. It then becomes a race to the bottom. Whoever will offer the lower price will get the patients.

For most offices, this is not the type of approach that they would like to take. But, for some offices it is what they’d like to do.

What can a chiropractor do on Facebook in the future
Facebook will most likely be heavily marketed to chiropractors in 2019. Which, doesn’t surprise me. The people who sell Facebook Ads are making top dollar. If you are a chiropractor who is looking to run Facebook Ads but are not sure what to do, I recommend checking out this site: Facebook Marketing for Chiropractors

We broke down everything a chiropractor needs to do to run Facebook Ads by themselves.

The most effective long-term strategy for Facebook Ads is what we refer to as the “Community Expert System.”

This is the type of Ad that we recommend offices to use if they are interested in running Ads. I will try my best to explain this system.

The goal of these ads is to display yourself as the expert in your city. That way if someone is experiencing back pain, neck pain, or any other symptom, they will know to go to you.

The best way to accomplish this is by creating a series of 3 videos. The first one will be the doctor giving away free information and tips. I recommend something along the lines of “5 Tips to Help with Back Pain at work.” The idea behind this is that you are not trying to sell anything, you are just being helpful.

Then, after the first video, you can target people who have watched the first one and show a second video. This one will be a video testimonial of one of your patients. I recommend saying something like:

“Hey everyone this is Dr. Mike here again. I’m with my patient Sue who came in after experiencing back pain. Sue, why don’t you tell them your story….”

This gives them the aspect of social proof. When another person trusts you, it is more likely for new patients to trust you as well.

Lastly, you can create a third video with a soft offer in it. Don’t make it too salesy. Try saying something like, “This is Dr. Mike again, I just wanted to let you know if you are experiencing back pain to give me a call. I am more than happy to help. You can even come in for a complimentary consultation. I hope to talk to you soon.”

This is the best strategy across the board that we have seen to work on Facebook. And the best part about it is you can repeat it for different symptoms. It doesn’t just have to be back pain.

If you have any questions on how to do this strategy, feel free to reach out.

Is there anything else besides ads?

Many chiropractors would rather stay away from doing paid Facebook Ads. But, what else can a chiropractor do on Facebook?

Well, there isn’t really anything other than Ads on Facebook that will drive new patients into your office. But, there are things that an office can do for patient retention.

The best thing you can do here is gain a following on your Facebook of your current patients. That way, if they interact with your posts, their friends and family have the potential of seeing your posts.

Most people on Facebook follow a lot of different pages, and have a lot of friends. So, they are not going to want to be bombarded by information from their chiropractor. But, if they say an inspirational post every now and then, or saw contests, they would be satisfied.

Also, the best performing offices on social media get their patients to interact. This may be tough for a chiropractic office. I created a guide of all of the different things a chiropractic office can post on Facebook. You can find it by clicking the link below.

I hope this article helped with your understanding on what is happening on Facebook for chiropractors and what is most likely to come in the future. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. You can reach us at (920) 857-1106.

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