How Does Local Search Work For Chiropractors?

Last Updated: June 24, 2019

If you’re a chiropractor today you understand the importance of having a top Google rank for your chiropractic website, but how does local search work for chiropractors?  There are literally hundreds of factors that come into play when you talk about local search, but in this article I’ll help you understand the most important ones to focus on.  With a little bit of work you can significantly improve your results.

Build a Highly Optimized Chiropractic Website

One of the most important local search factors that I see today is having a well optimized chiropractic website.  The site must be organized though out all the following aspects:

  • Metadata optimized for your local area
  • Page content optimized for your local area and office
  • Proper H1 and H2 tags optimized for your area
  • Google Authorship / Publisher markups installed
  • Etc…

I rarely see a website that has all of this properly done and it can significantly lower your website rank when things are not in place.  The problem is that most chiropractic websites are designed by website designers that know very little about SEO.  They build a beautiful site that no one will be able to find.

Every website at Inception is put together from the ground up by a small group of SEO experts.  We cover every detail to make sure our clients end up with the best results.  Call us and we’ll walk you through the detail that goes into our work.

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Implement Google My Business

You probably already have a Google My Business page, but there’s a good chance you have not confirmed it.  Google My Business is Google’s way to make sure you are a legitimate business.  Without the conformation being done you are losing a significant amount of ranking power.

It’s also very important that you have your profile completely filled out.  Make sure you have your website address listed there and that you have taken the time to add the authorship code.  If you’re current website provider is unable to help you with this it may be time to move on.  This is a critical function today.

Increase your Google Reviews

Once you have your profile completely filled out you need to work on increasing your Google reviews.  Take a look at this article I wrote about creating a “Chiropractic Review Contest” in your office.  It’s a great way to interact with you current patients, show potential new clients how good you are, and boost your Google rank.  I’d say it’s pretty important.

Build you Content and Back Links

Google loves high quality content.  The more blog posts you write the more powerful your website will become.  When you write a post take the time to link to other related posts or articles on your website.  The more great content that you can produce about your subject area the more of authority you will gain in the search engines.

You might also try to implement things like:

  • Guest posting on other health or chiropractic related sites.  Ask a fellow chiropractor if you can post an article on their site with a link back to your site.
  • Creating YouTube videos on different subjects that your clients are searching for.

When I comes to local search there’s an endless amount of information to learn and keep track of.  Our team at Inception is here to handle everything for you.  We’ll do the hard work while you focus on your patients.

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