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How Valuable Are 5 Star Chiropractic Reviews?

  • Build & Protect Your Reputation

    Patient reviews are the most effective way to build "Know, Like, Trust" and market your office.

  • Fast and Automated

    This is the fastest and easiest way to acquire patient reviews. You set it and forget it!

  • Show Off A Little

    Our system will stream your latest 4 and 5 star reviews to your website & social channels.

Reputation Management

reputation management

The majority of chiropractors do not have a chiropractic reputation management system in place. That can be a very expensive mistake. Most people are ok with seeing a bad review as long as you have a good number of positive reviews, but if that's the only thing they see you're in trouble.

Ask yourself this question. Would you pick a service provider that has a bad review? You might if they have 50 great reviews next to it, but I bet you wouldn't if they only had that one bad review.

Beyond avoiding bad reviews it's incredibly important for potential new patients to see that you have a great 5 star chiropractic reputation. The majority of new patients are selecting the office that is ranking near the top that has the highest number of 5 star reviews. We want your office to be that office.

Reputation Management

Advanced Reputation System for Chiropractors

The Problem Chiropractors Face

As a former chiropractor I understand how uncomfortable it can be to ask patients for reviews. Even though you know your patients love you it's still hard to ask them. The best offices might ask patients once or twice a year during a promotion, but that's not enough. You won't be able to compete with offices that are asking each and every patient.

The Solution

The Results

Clients using our advanced reputation system have seen incredible results. Many of our clients have achieved triple digit 5 star chiropractic Google reviews in less than one year. Those same offices had less than 10 reviews before they started.

It's as simple as this...if every patient in your office is asked to review you, your numbers will go up. It's almost impossible for you or your staff to approach each patient.

Our advanced system will make sure that happens. Let us know if you have any questions. We're here to help.

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