5 Chiropractic Marketing Tips From A Master

Last Updated: May 31, 2019

So I’m not sure if I’m a chiropractic marketing master or not, but my wife and I were able to average 80 new patients per month within the first two years of our practice opening.  We were able to do that because we had a chance to work alongside doctors like Matthew Pamer, Chad Jenkins, and Dan Yachter.  When you see how guys like this build 1500 and 2500 visit per week practices you learn a few things.  In this article I’m going to break down the true secrets for you.  The details we did, and that I know these guys do, that you never hear about.  Follow these 5 chiropractic marketing tips and you’ll build the practice of your dreams.

Learn to See

I once heard Dan Yachter say “There are marketing opportunities everywhere.  You just don’t see the ones that are right in front of you.”  That sounds great, but how do you learn to see them?  The answer is to spend time on it.  When is the last time you sat down and really spent creative time thinking about marketing?  Most doctors never have, and they think that if they go to the next big seminar someone like Dan Yachter is going to teach them all the great new marketing tricks.

The reality is that you’ll never learn how to do great marketing by going to a seminar.  You have to immerse yourself in it.  How do you think my team and I have become the go to team for internet marketing today.  I know more about online marketing and search engine optimization than almost anyone you could find because I spent and continue to spend a great deal of focused time learning.  I dove in 100% and the benefits of that work today are better than I ever imagined they would be.

Schedule Alone Time

I know you're busy, but I promise I’m just as busy or more and you have extra time in your day.  You’ll never become a great marketer until you can dedicate at least 15 minutes of your time each day to thinking about it.  Grab a notebook and write out all of the ideas you can think of.  If you can’t think of any I’ll help you out with some ideas on my “Chiropractic Marketing 101″ page.  This page contains all the details of how we built a huge practice.

It might sound crazy, but write out your ideas for 15 minutes every day and watch what starts to happen.  You see all your competitor are putting in zero time each day.  You do this practice for one year and start implementing and call me when your practice starts to blow up.  This is one of the biggest secrets.

Implement One

Resist the temptation to implement more than one program in the beginning.  At the height of our practice when we were bringing in over 100 new patients per month we were only doing about four marketing programs at the same time.  We had two marketing staff members and a big in office team.  Right now you probably don’t have the people or the skills to manage that, so you have to start small.

Completely think out one program, train your staff members that need to be trained, and implement.  When things to go quite according to plan (because they almost never do) think about how you can make changes to fix it.  You’ll find this process will take a month or two, but soon you’ll have a well oiled machine that generates a steady flow of patients.  Now you’re ready to add a second and then a third.

One + One + One = Five

An amazing thing begins to happen when you focus on chiropractic marketing.  You’ll find in the beginning that you’re working very hard for minimal results.  Most people quit at this point, but if you push through that period you’ll begin to understand why one + one + one = five or six or seven.
The more focus you bring to an area the more opportunities will begin to show up.  Not only will more opportunities show up, but you’ll begin to see the ones that you’ve been missing.  Maintain your focus and you’ll soon be a master.  People will be coming to you for advice wondering how you did it and you’ll share this information with them.

The Details

It’s all about the details.  The majority of chiropractic marketing seminars are great at giving you big picture ideas, but what you miss is that there are small details behind the scenes that they forget to tell you about.  Missing a tiny detail of a process can mean the difference between failure and untold success.  This is where that 15 minutes per day is critical.  If you work through each program in your notebook for 15 minutes each day you’ll see areas that you could improve or try differently.  This process over time will have your friends wondering why your events go so much better than theirs.

Last Words

I hope this information has been helpful.  I’ve worked with so many people on marketing and the majority fail because they are more interested in learning about the program than the process.  Programs don’t work without sound processes behind them.  Master the things above and you won’t need to worry about programs anymore.

By Mike Hamilton

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