Chiropractic Keywords 101

Last Updated: June 26, 2019

One of the most common questions I’m asked by clients is how many chiropractic keywords we work on?  It’s a great question, but it’s a little misguided.  The real question that doctors should be asking is how are you going to get me ranking at the top of the search results for the services that I do in my office?  Let’s spend a few minutes talking about the keywords that matter and how we make sure our clients at Inception rank for them.

For the majority of chiropractic offices their main service is chiropractic.  Google reports that the greatest number of people each month search terms like “chiropractor Chicago” or “Chicago chiropractors”.  That means that you want your website keyword optimized for those terms.

When I look at the majority of chiropractic websites today I see that the back-end and the front end of the site is not optimized properly.  Their current provider is either too lazy to do the work correctly or more often they just don’t understand how to do it correctly.  A mistake in this area will destroy any chance you have of ranking well.

Other Chiropractic Keywords:

Outside of the obvious chiropractic keywords there are a number of other services that you probably offer in your office.  What I tell our clients is that if you want to rank well we need a high quality article written about that topic.  Once we have that our team needs to build it into the website properly.  We need to make sure that Google can read the information as well as your potential new patients can.

Look at your current website and ask yourself, “Does my website have high quality articles about my services that are specific to my city and my office?”  In most cases I think you’ll find that your site is lacking the critical information it needs.

At Inception we understand what a chiropractic website needs to rank well.  Our team spends the time on every site to make sure you rank for all your important services.  Give us a call today and we can walk you through how we can improve your results.

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