Chiropractic Reputation Marketing

Reputation Marketing


Everyday people look for your services online, and the reputation of your business is often a deciding factor for whether they will become a client in your office or not. Would you do business with a company that has a number of bad ratings or reviews? The answer is probably no, and most of your potential customers will respond exactly the same way.

The online marketing game has changed significantly in 2012, and the majority of your competitors don’t realize it yet. Google is now giving every business a reputation score. The reviews your clients and non-clients leave are calculated to give your business an actual rating. This score is listed right next to your business in the search results, and is having a major impact on the choices new customers make.

Did you know that 72% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation? What do you think will happen when your clients come across the inevitable bad reviews that we all get from time to time? If that’s all they see you can bet they will choose another provider.

What is My Online Reputation?

It’s more important than ever to begin building a five star reputation for your business. At Inception Chiropractic Marketing we help business just like yours take control of their online reputation through our comprehensive program:

  • We help you establish a five star in office review process
  • We set up review alerts for your clinic
  • We provide training on how to respond to reviews
  • We flood your online space with reviews from your clients
  • We grow your presence on a month to month basis

Call our team at Inception Websites today to begin building your online presence and reputation.

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