Chiropractic Website Analytics

Chiropractic Website Analytics

Last Updated: May 7, 2019

At Inception Chiropractic Websites we are constantly tracking the performance of our websites. Our business model has always been quality over quantity. In order to produce the results that we do for our limited clients we are always watching their performance. Each of our chiropractic websites help to teach us how to better improve the whole. Success in one city means success in others as we spread that information across our collection of chiropractic websites.

We design our websites to be inviting to potential new patients. Your website is often the first contact that new patients will have and it’s important that your personal touch comes through that page. When we see a website that’s under performing we know we need to make some adjustments to the personality of the site. Pictures and videos are a critical component that we help our doctors produce.

Tracking Your Website Performance

Each of our websites are equipped with Google Analytics accounts. This helps us to see the day to day traffic on the site and helps us determine if changes need to be made. Small changes can have a profound impact on the number of clients that call your office.

At Inception we watch the search ranks of each of our websites for the main keyword terms. These are the terms that we know people are searching in your city to find you. We make sure each of our sites ranks at the top for all critical search terms.

As we collect data from our websites each month we plot that information to give us trends. He who has the most information wins, and this is a large part of our strategy at Inception Chiropractic Websites.

If you’re going to be number one you have to excel in all areas. It’s our attention to detail that sets us apart in the chiropractic website industry. You will not find another chiropractic website company that provides this much hands on attention.

What Does it Take to be #1

Having worked in the chiropractic profession for a number of years we understand what it takes to be number one. We have worked with some of the largest chiropractic offices in the world and have run offices seeing 500 visits per week. We never accepted anything but the best and that work ethic is infused into the fabric of Inception Chiropractic Websites.

You deserve to be the market leader in your community and being at the top of the search results is a big part of having that presence. Call our expert team today to begin that journey. We look forward to seeing your chiropractic success.