Google Maps Marketing

Google Maps Marketing


Most of the chiropractors that we talk to are not sure what Google Maps or Google My Business is, but it’s something that you need to understand. Google has always used Google Places for local businesses, but recently they made a change to Google My Business.

Chiropractic My Business Local listings are the listings that you will see if you search for something like “chiropractor green bay”. You’ll see that the top results typically have A, B, C, D tear drops next to them, and if you click on those tear drops it will take you into their Google My Business listing. In the past this system didn’t exist. You would see Google Maps listings at the top of the page and then all the other search results were down below.

In a Plus Local listing the website is joined together with Google Maps. So instead of being separate things they are joined, and the power is also joined. If you have a good My Business listing, and it joins with a good website, you’re sure to rank well in the Google search engine.

Google My Business?

It’s likely that you already have a listing, but it’s not claimed yet. Google is pretty good at locating businesses on its own, so you probably already have a listing, but it’s important to claim and verify it. Once that’s done you need to add content to your page. The content can be in the form of:

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Written Descriptions
  • Reviews

It’s critical to fill out as much information as you can on your listing. Google is checking you against others in your category and the most complete page will be promoted first.

The second thing you need to do to promote your listing is to get links to your listing. Now the links I’m talking about are not the typical backlinks that you would want built to your website. The links that Google counts for Google My Business are directory listings. Listings from things like the Yellow Pages, Yahoo Directory, etc. There are literally thousands of them, and again the more relevant ones you have the better.

At Inception Chiropractic Websites we handle all of this work for our clients. We make sure your places listing is complete, and we build consistent links to it. This work combined with the full spectrum of SEO work that we do on your website is the most powerful combination in the world of chiropractic websites.