LifeTouch Chiropractic Care Website Review

The video background in this design literally makes a “splash”. It gives the website a very modern look and really draws attention to the center of the homepage. Our goal for each client is to create the best chiropractic website possible.

Overview of the Design

Not every office is able to provide high-quality, professional pictures right away and this design goes a long way to help with that. We were still able to get a smaller picture of the doctor and a clear call to action above the fold in order to give a potential patient a good foundation when the land on this site.

Use of Colors

The colors in this design compliment each other very well. There is a great balance of light and dark elements as you scroll down the page to keep the viewer engaged while also helping to separate each section.

Analysis of Design Elements

The top menu provides an intuitive structure for navigating to all the internal pages. This prevents information overload that you see on a lot of chiropractic websites. If someone wants to read about something, they can easily get to it without cluttering up the homepage. In this case, less is definitely more. The New Patient Special Offer is our call to action but, in this case, the office has chosen to provide a discount on the initial appointment rather than the usual Complimentary Consultation. Again, the offer is less important than the fact that they are being encouraged to take action.

Marketing Aspect

Here at Inception we often see a misunderstanding of how to properly set up a multi-location chiropractic website. It isn’t enough to put contact information for each location on the homepage and hope that Google can figure it out from there. Each location should ultimately have its own specific homepage within the website. This makes it clear to Google that each individual location should be displayed in a local search for the particular city.

Image the Website Reflects

This website design portrays an image of an active lifestyle and overall health and happiness. This gives potential new patients something to strive for as they are looking for a solution to whatever they are experiencing. These messages are subtle but the subliminal impact is strong. Coupled with the feeling of Know, Like and Trust this design goes a long way toward giving someone everything they need in order to decide to work with you.

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