Top 3 Chiropractic Facebook Marketing Ads

Top 3 Chiropractic Facebook Marketing Ads

Last Updated: May 21, 2020

Facebook Ads have been a new patient generator for chiropractors for the past few years now. Many offices are using Facebook to grow their practice faster than ever before.

It can be an effective tool when the proper strategy is in place.

Facebook is always changing up their algorithms, but the overall strategies have stayed consistent ever since Chiropractic Facebook Marketing became available.

Here are the 3 main strategies that offices use:

  1. Discount Offer Lead Generation
  2. Educational or Expert Style Ads
  3. Simple Boosted Posts

In this article, I’ll give a simple outline of what can and can’t be done on Facebook for chiropractic offices. Many companies will claim they have a secret or special formula, but most of them will be using one of these 3 strategies

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Strategy 1

Chiropractic Discount Offer Facebook Marketing

This is the most common strategy used on Facebook today. If an office practices in a competitive area, they will have seen these many times before from fellow chiropractors. In these ads, the goal is to generate as many leads as possible. The best way to do this on Facebook is to give an enticing offer.

While doing discount ads, offices will either offer a voucher or an initial appointment discount. These are both essentially the same offer, but the strategy is different.

Chiropractic Facebook Marketing Vouchers

In a voucher ad, offices state “I’m giving away 25 discount vouchers for (insert their discount offer here)”. Why are they doing this?

It’s a simple marketing trick. They are trying to make their deal seem time sensitive and are using the law of exclusivity to make a potential patient act now.

The landing pages for these types of ads will always have a timer that counts down from 5 minutes, or claim to have a limited number of vouchers left (ex. Hurry! Only 5 Spots Left). In reality, there is no immediate time limit on the offer, and there is always only “5 Spots Left!” This type of language is used to make someone want to act right away.

Even though it’s easy to see through the strategies that an office uses here, these ads are consistently run every month and they consistently produce new patients.

Discounted Appointment Ads

This is the other common strategy that offices will use when running low cost deals on Facebook. Discounted ads are very similar to what offices do with the vouchers, but instead of making it very exclusive, offices will try to get as many new patient appointments scheduled as possible.

In these ads, offices center the focus around the doctor or the office as a whole. They’ll use ad text like “I’m Dr. John Smith and I am doing something CRAZY this month. I’m giving away… (insert offer here)”

This style works well because it allows potential patients to see who they will be dealing with when they come in for an appointment. It’s like building the Know, Like and Trust factor on your website, however on Facebook there is less time to do this. By using emojis and pictures to grab their attention, a potential patient will see first the Doctor and secondly, the Call to Action or “Deal” of the ad. At that point, the offer simply needs to be enticing enough for them to act.

Advertising on Facebook for Chiropractors

Both strategies work very well on Facebook. The goal is to generate as many leads as possible. In larger cities offices will generate 50+ leads every single month.

Strategy 2

Expert Style Chiropractic Facebook Marketing

When Facebook marketing first got introduced to chiropractors, everyone flocked to the discount style ads. It’s what generated the most leads the fastest and gave the best return on investment. It’s also an easier ad to set up.

However, some offices don’t want to discount their services or they live in a state that doesn’t allow them. Other offices have experienced burn out. That is, the office has run the same $27 offer for months. After a few months, everyone who would’ve interacted with the ad already has, and the results start to dwindle down.

The second common Facebook Ad strategy is Educational and Expert Ads.

The most important factor of these ads is the “Why.” Why are you putting this ad in front of a potential new patient?

The answer should simply be: To help them out.

The goal of these ads is to set yourself up as your community’s expert on Back Pain/Neck Pain/etc. The expert style ad will not produce 50 leads in a month, that should not be the intention of running them.

The intention of the Expert Ads is to give potential patients helpful advice that they can use now, or be memorable enough to make them think of your office the next time they are experiencing a particular symptom or issue. When running an ad on back pain, not everyone who sees it is going to be experiencing back pain at that time. But the Goal of it is to have your office be the first person they think of the next time they are experiencing back pain.

This is also considered a Brand Awareness campaign. Offices will use this to get their name out in front of the people in their city. When done correctly, it can be a great way to build a following on the Facebook page itself too.

Here is an example of a back pain expert ad:

If you’d like to set yourself up as an expert in your city, then this strategy is right for you.

Strategy 3

Chiropractic Boosted Posts

Boosted Posts are another easy way for offices to generate new patients online. The biggest difference between this strategy and the others is the set up involved by an office to get them running. The other difference is you start with a standard Facebook post. It doesn’t require a complex ad strategy and you don’t need to create an Ad Manager account.

For offices who just want to test the waters with Facebook or see if it could be a viable option in their city, this is a good fit.

There are a wide range of different posts that offices employ here. I’ve seen discount deals, office events, or even a simple “Call Now” ad.

The advantage of these ads are that they are low cost but the drawback is that they often don’t produce results as well as a full-blown campaign.

Facebook Ads for Chiropractors

In general, Facebook Marketing can be a great tool for any type of office to produce new patients. No matter what the focus is or what the office’s goals are, Facebook has an option that will work. Whether you want to utilize the Community Expert Method, or the more traditional Discount Deal, Facebook will produce more new patients for your office.

If an office is considering Facebook Ads, here are a few recommendations I’d have:

  1. Figure out what a new patient is worth to your office.
  2. Find a budget that makes sense.
  3. Understand the patient type.

If you’re not sure what any of these means, we can help.

When running Facebook Ads, offices are often going after patients who aren’t interested in chiropractic at that given time. The only reason a patient scrolling through Facebook would make an appointment is because of an enticing offer or because of engaging information.

By understanding that these patients tend to be lower quality since they are coming off of a deal, it will help an office set realistic expectations for their campaigns.

Yes, Facebook can produce 50 leads, but the real thing to look at is actual new patients. How many new patients came into your office from the campaign? What is the return on investment? Is it worth it?

If your office is considering running Facebook Ads, give our expert team a call today. We’re always here to help. You can reach us at (920) 857-1106.

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