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Chiropractic Facebook Funnels – The Perfect Pitch

facebook funnels chiropractic marketing

Last Updated: May 3, 2019

Let's be honest with each other.  Marketing a chiropractic office is not easy.  Even the most talented marketing chiropractors are constantly working on ways to generate more new patients.  The minute they stop their practice dwindles.

But what if there was a silver bullet.  Something where you could sit in your practice while unlimited numbers of patients explode through your doors.  Well today it's finally here.  The answer to all your prayers...

chiropractic facebook funnels

Not only does this phrase have the beloved word Facebook in it, but it also contains the word "Funnels".  There has never been a more powerful combination of words used to sell things to chiropractors.

OK Back to Reality

Marketers are making millions of dollars selling this idea to chiropractors.  To be fair a few chiropractors are having success with it, but they are being horribly gouged by the salesmen managing their accounts.  The fees are extraordinary  for the silly service they are actually providing, but chiropractors will pay almost any amount.

Here at Inception we manage around 1000 chiropractic websites as of October 2017.  I find it's somewhat difficult to convince a chiropractor that a $200 website is worth it, but if I wanted to sell Facebook Advertising for 5X that amount doctors will pay it without a question.  It's one of the most amazing things I've ever seen, and if I were as crooked as most of the people selling this stuff I could make a small fortune on it overnight.

The Reality of Chiropractic Facebook Advertising Funnels

The reality is that the salesmen selling this stuff are doing the same thing for pretty much every person the work with.  Literally the same ads and the same landing pages.  Should they be charging you $750 to $2500 to manage your account when they are using the same generic ads and pages for every doctor they work for?

A month ago we started offering the same thing that every one of these salesmen are offering.  We charge $350 for management and you'll need to spend $500 to $800 on ads to make a campaign work.  We're even happy to explain what we are doing so you can do it on your own.  It's probably more than most doctors can handle on their own, but it's not as difficult as you have been lead to believe.

Do Chiropractic Facebook Advertising Funnels Work?

Since every doctor is running the same kind of discount deal offer ads they tend to burn out.  In many cities they are totally burned out already, and my prediction is that it will almost totally burn out within the next two years.

If you want to make Facebook Ads last longer you're going to need to apply some effort.  You're going to have to shake off the dust and start doing patient testimonial ads.  If instead of doing a discount deal offer you had an offer that was paired with an emotional patient testimonial story it would make a world of difference.

My hope is that we can start to turn the corner on paid Facebook Ads for chiropractors over the next year.  We're working hard with our clients here at Inception to help them understand how to go beyond what the rest of the profession is settling for.


Advertising Funnel

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