Chiropractic Websites Color And Design

Chiropractic Websites Color And Design

Last Updated: May 31, 2019

When patients are seeking out a health care professional they are looking for just that, a professional. Additionally they want someone experienced and reliable in their field as well as friendly.  The appearance of your chiropractic website needs to reflect these qualities.  It is the first impression your potential patient will have of your office.

The color scheme of your chiropractic website will stay in the mind of visitors some time after they have stopped searching.  As a provider, you want the colors you choose to reflect what you want existing and potential patients to remember about your office. You want to use colors that portray professionalism.  The colors should also be easy to read, avoid using excessively bright colors and really light colors.  The color scheme you choose should be relaxed and subdued a reflection of the way patients should feel in the office and under care. For example, blacks, grays and whites exhibit professionalism and education.  Implement blues and greens to elicit a calming effect or set off borders or text headers.  Conversely, utilize brighter, warmer colors like red and orange to portray feelings of alarm and warning.

The color scheme you choose should leave your patients feeling like they are in capable, caring hands.  At Inception we will help to walk you though what we know works.  The bottom line is that your website needs to produce for you.  We can help you achieve that.

By Mike Hamilton

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