Do You Need Chiropractic Marketing Ideas?

Last Updated: June 25, 2019

It’s that time of the year when everyone is looking for new chiropractic marketing ideas.  November and December are typically slow months for most clinics and it’s also the time of year where we business owners have a bit more free time.

In our chiropractic practice we averaged 80 new patients per month.  We had many months in excess of 100 new patients, and we were fortunate to have been able to work in a couple of practices seeing over 1000 visits per week.  Dr. Aimee and I have done just about everything that you can think of from a chiropractic marketing perspective and we hope the information here will help your practice rise to a new level.

Before I give you the link to the good stuff I want to talk about the most important stuff.  The stuff that everyone overlooks on their journey to increase their new patient numbers.  What most chiropractors don’t realize is that being good at marketing has nothing to do with marketing programs or the free marketing programs I’m going to give you today.  Yes, you need the ideas I’ll share with you, but 99% of you will fail even though I’m giving you all the program information.

What I realize today is that marketing is a mindset, not a program.  If you don’t understand how to manage your marketing system then marketing programs are of very little benefit to you.  So let’s talk about what it takes to develop a proper marketing mindset.

Developing Your Marketing Skills

It took me a long time to figure this out, but as I reflect back I know understand clearly why I have so much success with marketing and most others do not.  I can be a bit obsessive about things I’m working on so in the early days I would go down to the store, buy a new notebook, and start listing out all my marketing ideas.

I marked down each individual program, how many new patients I thought it could produce, and all the details of what I needed to do to implement that program.  As we started to implement programs, most would fail, and then I would head back to my notebook and redesign the system to get past the roadblock we ran into.  I would simply repeat this process until I found the success I was looking for.

After years of doing this on a daily basis I realize that I have created quite a separation in my ability to have success with marketing beyond most of my competitors.  I see things they don’t, and I’m able to take advantage of opportunities that then don’t notice.  Give me any marketing program today and I will make it work.

Becoming a Marketing Expert

It’s a common notion that if you spend 10,000 hours working on something you will be an expert on that topic.  I don’t think that’s always the case, but it certainly holds true in this case.  If you spend 20 minutes each day working through your marketing ideas you’ll be amazed at how much your marketing brain will grow.

If I were going to train a new doctor today on how to become a master marketer I would put them through the following steps:

  1. I would have them go through all the free marketing programs on my website taking notes as they went along.
  2. I would then have them pick the top 3 that they like the most, and have them write out, in as much detail as possible, how they would implement that process.
  3. I would have them implement one of the 3 programs, and have them evaluate their results statistically.
  4. From there I would have them regroup and implement again.
  5. When the program is working effectively I would have them write it out as a standard operating procedure that could be handed off to another staff member.

I hope this information has been helpful.  If you made it this far you’re likely to be one of the next shining stars in the chiropractic marketing field.  Here’s the link you’ve been waiting for.

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