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Last Updated: May 7, 2019

Whether you have a large number of new patients coming into your practice or you need help increasing your numbers, most doctors I know are looking for chiropractic marketing advice.  They’re hope is that there will be a new program or idea that will improve their results.  After having built a practice that averaged eighty new patients per month, and having multiple friends that are above those numbers, I have some insights to share that few people think about.  If you’re looking to increase your new patients this article should be very helpful.

It’s Not about Programs

The biggest mistake that I see doctors make is that they think improving their new patient numbers is about learning a new secret program.  They pay thousands of dollars to consultants to learn the new latest and greatest marketing ideas only to find out that they don’t see the success they were promised.  Why is it that my office and some of my friends’ offices are able to grow so rapidly while others seem to be stuck?  Do we have better programs, or are we doing something different?

I spent at least thirty minutes per day working on my marketing plans.  My friends that are doing huge numbers today are spending that much time or more doing the same thing.  What I know today is that every marketing program works, but the office trying to apply that program has to work with it.  When a road block comes up you have to spend the time to figure out how to go around it.  Spending thirty minutes per day will give you the time to work through the problems you’re having to uncover solutions.

Spending thirty minutes per day on chiropractic marketing also has another advantage.  If you spend that much time working on something chances are good that you will become an expert in that area.  You’ll be the one writing a message like I am today to show people how to grow the same way that you have.

Chiropractic Management Groups

I’m a big fan of having a coach.  I have one in my business today, and I had a number of different coaches from management groups when I was practicing.  My wife and I saw great success in every group that we were a part of, but there were so many people around us that didn’t seem to be having that same success.  They were getting the same information that we were, but their results were different?

The reason for this difference was not that we were getting extra attention, but because we were working hard to implement the systems we were being taught.  When we ran into road blocks we called our coaches to ask questions or we modified the program to improve our results.  We did this so often that we eventually became a top level marketing practice.

Free Chiropractic Marketing Programs

Over the last year I have provided a large source of free chiropractic marketing information for the profession.  I’m getting ready to do a large update to all of the information there, but even in its current form it’s all an office needs to get started.  Spend thirty minutes per day working on the ideas that are there, improve upon them, and you will see all the new patients you need.

By Mike Hamilton

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