The Future Of Chiropractic Internet Marketing

Last Updated: June 25, 2019

For almost ten years online chiropractic marketing has been a fairly straight forward exercise. The more backlinks you built to your website the higher it would rank, and the more patients it would generate. Today the game has changed. The days of cheap tricks and automated programs to cheat the system are over, and a new era of quality has been ushered in. This post will help you understand what you need to be doing in 2012 and beyond.

The first step is to forget about what you many have done in the past to improve your website rank. The quantity of backlinks that point to your site is much less important than the quality. In my opinion this is a great change that we’ve needed for a long time. The internet was beginning to be consumed by low quality junk content used to build quick backlinks. Today we have an environment that is producing much more informative, high quality, useful information.

Instead of trying to figure out how you can game the system, spend your time creating content that your audience wants to see. Produce content that will drive people to your website, because they need what you are producing. It’s a difficult switch to make if you are used to gaming Google’s system, but I can promise that it is much more rewarding.

What You Should Produce For Content

  • Start recording patient testimonials in your office. You can train your staff to ask patients to do a quick video testimonial for you. Post those videos to YouTube and link them back to your website. This is a great way to show people in your community the things you can help, and it’s a great way to boost the rank of your website
  • Write one blog post each week, post it on your website blog, and then post it on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest.
  • Get a program like “Camtasia” and create power point video slide presentations that you can also post on YouTube. With this type of posting you are not only generating backlinks, but you are also educating future patients
  • Finally, you can write articles and post them at Ezine Articles or turn them into press releases and send them out through a distribution service.

On top of content creation you should be building your social media profile. Spend some time each week adding local followers to your accounts that you can market to in the future. Social media is a great place to meet new patients, and it has a strong impact on the rank of your website.

Map out a weekly plan for yourself and start to implement it today. Use your staff to help with certain tasks and watch the impact it will have over time.  The team at Inception is here to help in any way we can.

By Mike Hamilton

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