Are Chiropractic Press Releases Worth It

Last Updated: June 24, 2019

For decades chiropractors have been doing press releases.  It’s always been a good way to get information out to the public about what you have going on in your business.  More recently press releases have been a good SEO tool as well, but times are changing.  In this post I’ll break down what press releases are good for and where you should save your money.

If you’re opening a new office then a chiropractic press release in your local market may be a great idea.  There are some good free tools online that you can use to learn how to write one and many local newspapers are happy to publish the content.  The cost is generally very low and it can be a great way to reach out to new patients.

Online press releases also give you a way to build backlinks back to your website.  For many years Google considered links from this source to be very high quality.  Over the last two years as Google has been making huge changes to the SEO landscape.  Press releases became very valuable during this time.

Google is looking at Press Releases in a different light today.  They appear to be giving less credit to them, but they are still valuable.  They are a good piece to add to your sytem, but you will want to rely on blog posting, videos, and guest posting more at this point.

Places to do Press Releases:

Our clients at Inception are able to stay ahead of the game.  We are constantly watching for information like this to save you time and money on your chiropractic marketing efforts.

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