Chiropractic Marketing Done For You?

Last Updated: May 17, 2019

In this economy doctors are looking for help with chiropractic marketing more than ever before.  The majority of doctors hope that they can sign up for some form of marketing that can be done for them.  Over the years I’ve had a great deal of success in the chiropractic marketing field, and I’ve also seen many other doctors fail to see that same success.  In this article I’m going to speak about what I feel it takes to reach your new patient goals.

I’ve had the opportunity over the years to learn from some of the most successful chiropractors in the country.  I have yet to meet one that doesn’t know anything about marketing.  Each of those doctors trained themselves for years to become as talented as they are.  None of them signed up for a program where everything was completed for them.

The truth about chiropractic marketing is that it’s difficult.  It’s not only difficult, but it’s a bit different in every city.  What works really well in one area may not be successful in another.  Hiring a company that says they can handle it all for you doesn’t work well.

Here’s an example:

My wife and I own Inception Chiropractic Websites.  We try very hard to cover every aspect of internet marketing for our clients.  I believe we do a very good job of that, but there are still some things that clients need to work with us on.  Our most successful clients spend time working with us to achieve the maximum results.

The internet is probably one of the areas where a lot of it can be done for you, but doctors that join management groups thinking success will immediately come are disappointed.  Management groups can be helpful for providing ideas for you.  They can help you to see new ways that your can run your practice, and they can provide new ideas about marketing, but they don’t have the ability to do the work for you.

Take the time to spend about thirty minutes per day working on marketing.  Take a look at my free chiropractic marketing programs (That my wife and I used to build a 500 visit per week practice), and work on them each day.  Keep doing that long enough and you’ll have the success you’re looking for.

By Mike Hamilton

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