Google Loves Chiropractic Blogging

Last Updated: June 26, 2019

Chiropractic blogging has always been important, but with all the Google changes that happened in 2012 it has become an essential part of any website.  The problem for most chiropractors is that they don’t know what blogging means and they don’t have time to do it.  In this short article I’m going to break down:

    • What Chiropractic Blogging is?
    • Why Google loves blogs?
    • How we handle blogging at Inception?

What is Chiropractic Blogging?

Chiropractic blogging simply means that you are writing articles and placing them on your website to give viewers of your website more information.  Your blog articles might be related to services you offer or they might be about other information that you feel would be helpful to people that visit your site.

If you do know what a blog is then your problem is likely that you don’t have enough time to write articles for your chiropractic website.  It’s hard enough to run your practice.  The last thing you need to be doing is trying to write handfuls of content.

Why Google Loves Blogs?

Google is always working to provide the best possible search results for the people that trust their service.  They scour the internet looking for good quality content that fits the search terms that you type in.  Blogging adds additional related content on your website.  This causes your website to grow and it ultimately gives you more authority than your competitors.  Work hard at your chiropractic blog and you’ll see that your website will rise to the top of the search results in your city.

At Inception all of our clients enjoy automated monthly blogging.  Our expert writers do all the work for you.  Not only do we post high quality articles on your site each month, we also customize the articles for your city and office.

In order for you for your website to receive the full power of the posts we do this extra step by hand.  It’s a great deal of extra work each month for us, but it’s what we would want done for our site.  We don’t cut corners and our clients see the results.

If you have any questions about all the services we provide at Inception please feel free to call and speak with us today.  You deserve to have the very best.

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