Need A Nutrimost Website?

Last Updated: May 20, 2016

An number of chiropractors we work with are adding weight loss into their practice.  This can be a great way to boost your patient numbers and increase your bottom line.  Along with this is a great thing for your patients.  What you’ll see is that combining nutrition work with chiropractic care takes your results to a whole new level.

Over the last few months a large number of our clients at Inception Websites have been implementing the Nutrimost program.  The program itself is exciting for patients, but the cost of the program is pretty hefty.  As with many programs that are new and exciting in chiropractic, the cool aspects of the program may be torn down by the cost being applied to join.

Do You Need a Weight Loss Specific Website?

Most chiropractors are unsure about whether they need to have a special website just for weight loss.  Most attempt to just add a page into their current chiropractic website.  It’s a lot easier to do that, but there are some problems with this.

My wife and I are both chiropractors that practiced for about seven years.  During that time we had a successful weight loss practice and what I found out quickly was that people didn’t believe a chiropractor could help them with weight loss.  I watched them get out of their cars to come to our talk, look at our sign (Planet Chiropractic), and then turn around and leave.

When patients go to your website today to check you out and they land on a chiropractic website with a weight loss page on it the same problem occurs.  I feel that having a specific website or a weight loss website is a key part of your overall program.  You have to make people feel like they are coming to an office that has a solid program put together.

Our team at Inception Websites has worked hard to put together what we feel are the best weight loss websites on the internet today.  Each of our clients has the ability to work with us to customize their website to their specific system.  The introduction of this area of service has been a win win for us and our clients.

If you are interested in learning more about the high quality weight loss websites we offer at Inception please do not hesitate to call.  I’m happy to work with you personally on how we can take you to the top of the weight loss search results in your area.

By Mike Hamilton

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