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Chiropractic Social Media Content

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

It can be intimidating for a chiropractor to figure out what type of social media content to broadcast to their patients. However, posting on your social media accounts should not be a stressful experience nor should it feel like the end-all-be-all to your online presence. Your digital footprint is made up of more than just the posts you make online. In the grand scheme of online chiropractic marketing, social media content will rarely be major determining factor in your success. The key when thinking about social media content is to always opt for quality over quantity.

What Kind of Social Media Content Should Chiropractors Post?

Now that you know that bombarding your social media accounts with content in hopes of some type of benefit will rarely be fruitful, you may be wondering what kind of content you should be posting. You will want to focus on content that engages your patients to like and share your posts. To do this, you’ll want to forget the technical details surrounding chiropractic or posting new research studies that support chiropractic’s benefits. No patient will be sitting at home taking their time to read about chiropractic techniques and reports. This means your content should be centered around telling your story and the little quirks that make your office unique. For a comprehensive approach on how to engage your patients with fresh social media content and take full advantage of your social media presence, refer to our 2018 Chiropractic Social Media Guide.

What If I Run Out of Social Media Content for My Chiropractic Office to Post?

We at Inception understand that not every chiropractic office is interested in or capable of coming up with enough fresh social media content to keep their pages active on their own - that’s okay. As mentioned, even a complete lack of unique, engaging content will not sink any office single-handedly. However, this doesn’t mean we will leave our chiropractor’s social media accounts with crickets chirping in the background. Every chiropractor we work with will automatically get regular posts on their social media accounts that will be more than enough to take their web presence to the next level.

Best Social Media Content for Chiropractors

The ultimate goal of our efforts here at Inception is to help you attract more new patients. The most powerful way to utilize social media content to achieve that goal will ultimately start with a personal approach. Call us today at (920) 857-1106 if you need help crafting your social media content strategy.

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