Amazing Chiropractic Websites

Last Updated: June 24, 2019

Most of the time when people are using words like “amazing” in their search criteria, they are looking to be entertained or they’re desperate. I won’t call you out on which one you might be under, but I think we can both agree that something might need to be adjusted with your chiropractic website. Amazing is a very descriptive word, so depending on whom you are it could mean very different things.

For example, I recently saw a commercial that shows Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits between two Volvo trucks. When I say splits I mean the “parallel to the ground, straight as a board type of splits” between two moving semi-trucks that are moving in reverse. Now that is amazing on a bunch of different levels, but in no way will my next vehicle be a Volvo semi-truck. I would imagine the people that are in the market for a semi-truck will not be needing to do the splits anytime soon, but that still was an amazing video none the less.

Now I also know of reports of people that can’t see, get adjusted, and their sight was restored. If I have ever heard of something amazing, that should definitely rank at the top of any list. At first thought, that would be a no brainer for chiropractic websites. I would agree that of the two, it definitely beats the guy doing the splits as far as which one would be best for your chiropractic website. The truth is, in most cases I would not use either one in a website. The guy doing the splits is easy, it’s simply not relevant. But why not use the one about restoring someone’s sight? The fact is, in most cases, it is simply too amazing. It would be a great story to share with the patient once they visit your office, but for the website it might be over the top.

The Goal of a Chiropractic Website

The goal of an amazing chiropractic website is to bring in as many new patients as possible. A lot of the people that visit your site for the first time will not give the proper creditability to an event like restoring sight. For most of them, they simply will not understand how possible that could be, and in the end your amazing story has actually driven people away from your office.

Let Inception provide you with a website focused on creating new patients for your chiropractic office. Then, you can focus on providing your patients with the “amazing” service and care your chiropractic office is known for.

Chiropractors Average 80 New Patients Each Month

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