Engaging Chiropractic Newsletters

Engaging Chiropractic Newsletters

Last Updated: April 30, 2019

Many chiropractic offices love the idea of sending out newsletters. After all, when done right, they’re a great way to keep your patients engaged and increase the chances they refer friends and family to you. The hard part, however, is creating a newsletter worth reading in the first place.

Why Canned Newsletters Hurt More Than They Help

More often than not, after an office has blown through their ideas in the first month or two the newsletter becomes stagnant and its ideas stale. Worse yet, some clinics resort to canned content found on other sites or provided by a content mill whose sole purpose is to churn out a thousand word jumble of concepts to throw in front of your patients. These newsletters aren’t getting your patient’s attention - they’re just getting put in the junk mail folder. By not taking care to curate the content your patients are reading, you decrease the perceived value of care your office offers.

Why Our Chiropractic Newsletters Are the Best
Our newsletters are different because they come thoughtfully hand-written from a real, practicing chiropractor. Jesse Davis DC, a life-long student of chiropractic, is dedicated to the philosophy of the practice and is committed to educating patients in his practice and across the world about the wonders of chiropractic care.

Dr. Davis’ newsletters are the most thought-provoking, engrossing newsletters in the industry. Your patients will not only keep coming back to your practice but will have learned enough about chiropractic to have new questions every month to inquire about.

Capture Your Patients’ Imagination With Our Newsletters Today

The primary goal of our team here at Inception is to help you reach more new patients. However, we understand that providing for your current patients is just as important to the health of any practice. Start connecting with your patients on a personal level by sending out our captivating newsletters. Contact us today to learn how to revolutionize your patient communication strategies.

We do a lot more than Chiropractic Websites. Give us a call today, or click the button below if you would like to learn more.

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