Google Hangouts For Chiropractic Marketing

Last Updated: June 26, 2019

Every now and then something comes along that can be a game changer in chiropractic marketing.  I believe that Google Hangouts may be that next thing and right now it’s a relative unknown.  Video marketing has been a great way to reach new patients for years and Google Hangouts allows you to produce engaging video very quickly at a low cost.

Interviews are a great way to share your advice with others.  They are also one of the best ways to present yourself as an expert.  In a Hangout you have the ability to be interviewed by someone else or you can interview a patient and ask them about their results.  Your interview can be recorded and posted directly to your YouTube channel.

At Inception we have been using video very effectively to boost our clients results.  We would love to do even more video, but we simply run out of time to do it.  Many of our clients have made an effort to produce video as well, but their lack of knowledge in this area makes it difficult.

Where the Internet is Headed?

We are quickly moving to a graphic video based internet.  It’s simply a better way to absorb information than reading pages of text.  I firmly believe that the doctors that put an emphasis on video marketing now will be the doctors dominating search in the future.

Stay tuned to future releases we have coming.  We spent our first year building the best online chiropractic marketing system available.  Our focus this year is to create targeted marketing systems that explode our clients results.  Video will be a solid part of those systems.

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