Internal Chiropractic Marketing Tips

Last Updated: May 7, 2019

In the economy we have today there are a number of doctors looking for marketing tips.  Internal chiropractic marketing is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to reach new patients.  Unfortunately the majority of doctors never implement these simple systems.  Internal marketing was responsible for fifteen to twenty new patients in our office each month.  That means our internal marketing alone was producing more new patients then the average clinic sees in a month.

In this article I’m going to break down the two most successful programs that we put in place in our practice.  The great news is that they are very low cost and very easy to do.  I would go so far as to say you are crazy if you don’t have these systems running in your office right now.

Referral Card Program

Every other month in our practice we did our referral card program.  We created very high quality 5×7 cards that had a map to our office on the back and some nice graphics on the front.  The cards also had an area where they could be date stamped by our staff.

We would set aside two cards for every patient that was scheduled for the week.  When the patients came in for their adjustment our front desk staff would explain what the cards were for, they would date stamp them in front of the patient and that was it.  In the adjustment rooms our doctors would talk just a bit about the cards and the patient had no pressure on them at all.

This simple action would result in at least fifteen new patients every other month for our practice.  It gave our patients a low pressure way to get their friends and family members into the office at a lower cost.  The only cost you have is the cost of the cards, but if you order them from a company like The Print Place you can get them very cheap.

Patient Appreciation Day

The traditional patient appreciation day involves doing a great deal of setup.  I’ve seen offices bring in food, prizes, and other things in appreciation.  The reality is that patients don’t need to see any of that.  If you make your PAD simple and streamlined you will be able to do them every other month and you will see far greater production.

One week before our patient appreciation day (which was really a week) we would put balloons on the front desk and in our adjustment rooms.  We would also do handouts to our patients for the week before and we put messages on the white boards in our rooms.  This program also averaged about fifteen new patients in our office every other month.

One month we were doing a Referral Card Program and the next we were doing a PAD.  They didn’t burn out as much because we went back and forth and referral patients are always the best.  Put these in place today and improve your practice.

By Mike Hamilton

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